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Listen to today’s top US and World News stories. Alligator stops airplanes from landing in S. Carolina, SADs becoming a real health threat, Scottish woman loses wedding ring in potato field and finds it 50 years later. Check out The Shack That Dennis Built, our latest contributor,

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Alligator briefly delays flight arriving in South Carolina

According to a story by Ben Hooper: A flight arriving in South Carolina on Aug 29th was briefly delayed by an unusual hazard on the taxiway: an alligator. John Moroney, a passenger on a Delta Airlines flight that arrived from
Atlanta on Saturday at Charleston International Airport, snapped a photo
from a plane window showing the alligator on the taxiway when the plane
arrived about 7 p.m. Saturday. Moroney said the pilot announced the plane would be slightly delayed as he waited for the alligator to cross the taxiway.The Naval Air Station in Key West, Fla., reported a similar hazard in April,when a crocodile was spotted sunning itself on the runway. The runway was shut down when the reptile refused to move, and Florida Fish and Wildlife
Conservation Commission personnel arrived with a trapper to relocate the
crocodile outside the base.

Scottish woman reunited with long-lost wedding ring after 50 years

A Scottish woman who lost her wedding ring in a potato patch was reunited
with the precious item 50 years later thanks to a man with a metal detector. Donald MacPhee, who picked up metal detecting as a hobby about seven
years ago after being inspired by videos on YouTube, said he was inspired
to act when Peggy MacSween, 86, his neighbor in Benbecula, in the Western
Isles, told him how she had lost her wedding ring while gathering potatoes
50 years earlier. MacPhee said he visited the meadow where the potato patch was formerly located and spent three days searching with his metal detector. He said he dug about 90 holes before unearthing MacSween’s ring. “It was in immaculate condition. She put it on her finger and it still fitted
perfectly,” MacPhee told The Guardian. MacSween said she was shocked to learn the ring had been found after all these years. “He just came to the door and said: ‘I have something to show you.’ It was the ring. I couldn’t believe it, but there it was. I thought I would never see it again,” she said.

A leading pathologist says he thinks that SADS or Sudden Adult Death Syndrome is now the leading cause of death in Alberta Canada.

When asked about the unusually high death rates of physicians occuring in
the canadian province, Dr. Roger Hodkinson: “Sudden adult death syndrome,
of which these physicians are probably examples of, is now the commonest
cause of death, at least in Alberta, where I live. That means more people
are dying unexpectedly with no cause than are dying from strokes and
heart attacks, and diabetes, for example. It’s never, ever happened before.” although the doctors methods are not known, hearing a pathologist state that
people are dying at an alarming rate of unknown reasons causes real concern
for the cause and possible treatment to stop this terrible trend.

Odds of falling home prices in your local housing market, as told by
one interactive map

Between June 2022 and June 2023, CoreLogic predicts U.S. home prices
are poised to rise another 4.3%. But that’s nationally. Regionally, some
markets are at high risk of falling prices. To determine the likelihood of regional home prices dropping, CoreLogic assessed factors like income growth projections, unemployment forecasts, consumer confidence, debt-to-income ratios, affordability, mortgage rates, and inventory levels. According to the resulting price map, regions that have had a traditionally “hot” market such as the NorthEast, the west coast, and Arizona are all slated
to have a drop in housing prices. Areas that may actually see an increase include for the most part, Texas. the central parts of the country and Florida can also expect a rise in house prices.

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