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John 3:16
Listen to today’s top US and World News stories. Mikhail Gorbachev dead at 91, Fan Steals Home Run Ball from Kid, Is there any hope for BITCOIN? Check out from our latest contributer, Coreen 😉

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Man In Pumpkin ‘Boat’ Paddles 38 Miles Down Missouri River In Attempt
to Beat World Record

In a story By Marco Margaritoff, Duane Hansen may have broken the
Guinness World Record by paddling an 846-pound pumpkin he turned
into a makeshift boat down the Missouri River.
“Mr. Hansen is a long-time Nebraska resident who enjoys growing
large pumpkins, gourds and other vegetables as a hobby,” read the post.
“He came up with this idea when visiting Ohio and seeing another person
attempt to set this record which is currently right around 30 miles.”
Hansen endured the 11-hour journey with a cup holder carved into the hull
and “SS Berta” written on the back. His Syracuse, Nebraska-based family
and friends cheered him on from land, though some did trail behind him in
an actual boat — just in case something went wrong.
Hansen surpassed the 25.5-mile record just before 3 p.m., nearly four
hours before he arrived in Nebraska City. Guinness World Record
spokesperson Kyle Galloway told CNN they’ve since received his application,
which will likely see Hansen crowned with the bizarre title.

The world’s biggest cryptocurrency BITCOIN can’t seem to catch a break.
It finally looked to be regaining strength this month, breaching $25,000
for the first time since its June collapse, only to relapse towards $20,000.
A deflating end to August has forced the market to confront the Big
Bitcoin Question: where will a real rally come from? Right now,retail investors
are looking like the most likely source of relief, as institutional players
get cold feet. While major institutions are selling their investments in cryptocurrency those with smaller wallets are keeping their bitcoin as a long term investment. as this sector of the bitcoin market grows it will create a higher demand for cryptocurrency as availability drops. This looks to drive up the bitcoin price once again but it won’t happen soon. It is a wait and see patience game for the small investor that just might have huge results.

Fighting Kangaroo Pulls Wild Move Right Out Of A Video Game A couple of kangaroos were caught on camera in a quarrel that quickly
got crazy.It’s not clear what the duo were dueling over in the fight filmed
in Australia’s Mount Taylor Nature Reserve, in Canberra’s south.
But one of the roos must have realized it was messing with the wrong
marsupial when it was flung through a metal fence in a move that looked
like something out of a video game or pro wrestling. As this video shows the victor even stops to stare down his foe.

A Dirtbag Fan Steals Home Run Ball Right Out Of Teen’s Glove At Royals Game

Aggravating video went viral this week of a man stealing a home run ball
right out of the glove of a teen spectator at a Kansas City Royals game.
(Watch it below.) The ball, hit by the San Diego Padres’ newly acquired star
Juan Soto, sailed into the stands at Kauffman Stadium on Sunday and Bruce
Williams was waiting, with his mitt at the ready.Williams was celebrating his
18th birthday and had predicted to a friend he would catch a Soto homer,
Fox4 reported. But then a stranger snatched the ball as it rested in his
glove and glared at Williams before jogging away. Thankfully the nasty event
led to a happy ending. The Royals gave Williams a ball autographed by Soto
plus another signed ball, and threw in a bunch of bobbleheads for good measure.

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