What You Need to KNOW About the Public School System, BEFORE You Send Your Kids-YouNews 9-2


#Secret Curriculum

Project Veritas Reveals Secret Curriculum of a Connecticut School

In an undercover Exposé Jeremy Boland, Assistant Principal of Cos Cob Elementary School was taped saying several alarming and revealing statements: “Believe it or not, the open-minded, more progressive teachers are actually more savvy about delivering a Democratic message without really ever having to mention politics.” • Boland: “So, it’s subtle. They [teachers I hire] will never say, ‘Oh, this is [a] liberal or a Democratic way of doing this.’ They’ll just make that the norm — and this is how we handle things, it’s subtle…That’s how you get away with it.” • Boland: “The conservative [teacher], who is stuck in her ways. I’ll never be able to fire her, and I’ll never be able to change her. So, I make an impact with the next teacher I hire.” • Boland: “Protestants in this area [of Connecticut] are probably the most liberal. But if they’re Catholic — conservative…You don’t hire them.” • Boland: “If someone is raised hardcore Catholic, it’s like, they’re brainwashed — you can never change their mindset.” • Boland: “For one position, I think we had 30 applicants. So out of all those applicants, I don’t think I interviewed anybody over the [age] of 30…the older you get, the more set in your ways — the more conservative you get.” • Connecticut Law, Section 46A-60B1, specifically bars discriminatory employment practices. A violation occurs if anyone refuses to hire or employ people “because of the individual’s race, color, religious creed, age, sex, gender identity or expression.”

New Way to Celebrate Labor Day

Are you tired of the same old Labor Day picnics? Then throw granny and the kids in the station wagon and head to MOUNT PLEASANT, Iowa to see the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion. For five days Mount Pleasant will be overflowing with tractors, food, camping, music and other fun and activities.This is one of the country’s largest farming exhibition events, with hundreds of antique tractors, steam engines, cars and trucks, horses and more. They are expecting around 40,000 people to come and enjoy the nice variety of food vendors, demonstrations, kids activities, entertainment and music from the likes of Leroy Van Dyke, Jimmy Fortune, the Malpass Brothers, the Bellamy Brother, Maddie and Tae, and Russell DickersonThe reunion runs from Thursday through Monday. Grounds open at 7 a.m. andactivities and events will take place all day until 11 p.m. Thursday-Sunday,and until 3 p.m. Monday. And before you head home make sure to say hi to 16 year old, Everlee Harvey,the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion queen of steam.

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

To begin the month of September we have the Ginger cat appreciation day.
GCA, celebrated annually on Sept. 1, was founded by a Wisconsin software engineer in 2014 to pay tribute to his longtime companion.
Chris Roy of Milwaukee founded Ginger Cat Appreciation Day in 2014, after the death of his orange cat, Doobert. Roy had taken care of Doobert ever since finding him as a stray kitten 17 years earlier.The feline also inspired Roy to found a company called Doobert, which aims to use information technology to match animals in need of care with specialized rescues and volunteer transporters around the country. Other holidays and observances for Sept. 1, 2022, include Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day, Chicken Boy Day, Emma M. Nutt Day, National Cherry Popover Day, National No Rhyme Nor Reason Day, National Tofu Day, Pink Cadillac Day, Save Japan’s Dolphins Day, Toy Tips Executive Toy Test Day and World Letter Writing Day.

Popular grocery staples are getting more expensive as inflation plague continues to hit shoppers.

By now it’s hard to remember when grocery prices were “normal”. Ever since the pandemic costs for basic items have increased, and coupled with the recent increases in inflation and shortages for many essential produce ingredients, things are even more expensive right now. Companies like Kraft and Mondelez—who are the forces behind some of the most popular items on shelves like Oreo, Lunchables, Oscar Mayer, and more—have already raised prices and trends are pointing to the fact that they could do so again.
According to the most recent Food Price Outlook report for April, six major food groups are going to continue to go up in price through the rest of the year.Fruits and vegetablesdue to increased fertilizer prices,dairy because of a rpaid increase in consumer demand, eggs and chicken because of avian influenza,beef likely caused by drought conditions, and fish I postulate due to a sluggish transporation industry.

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