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A Dallas bus driver and bus monitor helped save two children who were caught up and nearly swept away by flooding.

They said they normally wouldn’t have taken the route they took that day, adding that it must have been divine intervention. Tekendria Valentine, the bus monitor, shot the incredible video of the rescue. They tied seatbelts together to save the kids, who were hanging on to trees during the flooding in southeast Dallas County.

Neighbors also rushed to help pull the boy and girl to safety. It was some heroic actions from all involved. Rushing floodwater nearly swept away two young children Monday, until a Dallas bus driver and bus monitor took quick action.

“It had to be God to send me that way because I don’t normally go that way,” Simone Edmond said.

Edmond has been a Dallas bus driver for 22 years.Valentine has been with the school district for 2 years.

The bus was empty when they were called to pick up a student who missed their bus Monday morning. The student isn’t normally on their route, so they were driving in a different area than usual.The student never showed.They never suspected what was around the corner.

“We were just in the area, I was like maybe it was a waste of time, but then when we seen what we seen, I was like maybe that was God putting us there in that area for that reason,” Valentine said.

They saw two siblings, a boy and a girl, were stuck in floodwater near Belt Line and the CF Hawn Freeway. Their father was trying to help them.

“So, the mom ran out with a baby and she was like, ‘Can you call 911, 911?’” Edmond recalled.

They called 911, but didn’t have time to wait.

“The little boy was yelling out, ‘Help, help,’ and I’m like, ‘Oh, they’re stuck,’” Valentine said. “But then we started thinking like, maybe we can tie the seat belts together and, you know, like help them.”

Their bus is for special education students.It’s equipped with removable seat belts to strap in wheelchairs.Edmond and Valentine tied those straps together.  Neighbors came to help, and they collectively pulled the kids to safety.

“The little boy, he was so appreciative of us. He got out and he was like, ‘Please, I want to give you a hug. I want to give you a hug,’ and I was like, ‘That’s fine, you can give me a hug,’” Valentine said.

Edmond and Valentine said they don’t know how to swim.

Party on the Prairie! Small Town Kansas Welcomes Famous Singer to Celebrate Tipton’s 150th Anniversary

This past Saturday we got the privilege of attending a very special birthday party. A 150th birthday party to be exact. That’s right, the city of Tipton Kansas celebrate their 150th anniversary by throwing a “Party on the Prairie”! Their was all types of activities including horeshoes, volleyball, corn hole, old school free throw contest, cream can toss, buffalo chip toss, pedal tractor pull, barrel train, hoop rolling, butter making, rag doll making, frontier man challenge, pioneer woman contest, 3 legged races, sack races, tug of war and a watermelon eating contest. There was also a Time Capsule, a Veteran Salute and the State of the City address. Our good friend Gilly was there serving up delicious BBQ from his “Texas Red BBQ” Truck and several other food vendors as well. The night was capped off with an AMAZING concert put on by the one and only Jake Hoot, who was the season 17 champion of NBC’s The Voice. Jake serrenaded everyone with many of his original songs as well as taking crowd requests to do covers of other popular songs. He even pulled a couple different locals up on stage to help him do some of the crooning, and let me tell you, Johnny Cash may no longer be with us, but there’s a guy in Tipton Kansas that can sing exactly like him. After the show Jake hung out for quite a while taking pictures with the locals. We got to meet and chat with him for a bit as well and he even let us shoot a little promo for our channel with him!!! Also, we made some new friends when we were waiting in line by the food trucks and a random stranger saw me eyeballing her nachos and said, go ahead and try some! I’ve never in my life had a stranger at an event offer me food right off their plate so of course I indulged! The first nacho I grabbed didn’t have much beef brisket on it so she made sure I went for a second serving with a good chunk of beef. Her name is Pam and we ended up chatting with her and her husband Jeff for much of the evening and now have some new friends. I hereby officially dub Tipton as The Friendliest Town in Kansas!

Jake Hoot was so sweet he even agreed to plug our YouTube Channel!

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