All About the Queen

We Salute the Late Great Queen Elizabeth the II

Special Tribute at the End of our Episode

How will King Charles the III Rule?
With the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth on Thursday, Prince Charles
has finally become king of the United Kingdom and 14 other realms, ending
a wait of more than 70 years – the longest by an heir in British history.
The role will be daunting. His late mother was overwhelmingly popular
and respected, but she leaves a royal family that has seen reputations
tarnished and relationships strained.

Charles confronts those challenges at the age of 73, the oldest monarch
to take the throne in a lineage that dates back 1,000 years, with his second
wife Camilla, who still divides public opinion, by his side. Camilla will become
Queen consort. That is a Queen without sorveirgn powers of a queen.
To detractors, the new king is weak, vain, interfering, and ill-equipped
for the role of sovereign.

He has been ridiculed for talking to plants and obsessing over architecture
and the environment, and will long be associated with his failed first marriage
to the late Princess Diana.

Supporters say that is a distortion of the good work he does, that he is simply
misunderstood and that in areas such as climate change he has been ahead of his time. They argue he is thoughtful and concerned about his fellow Britons from all communities and walks of life. His Prince’s Trust charity has helped more than one million unemployed and disadvantaged young people since its launch almost 50 years ago.

“The trouble is you are in a no-win situation. If you do absolutely nothing at
all … they are going to complain about that,” Charles once told a TV
documentary. “If you try and get stuck in, do something to help, they also

The reign of king Charles the iii is yet to be determined as beneficial or a
detriment to brittain. whatever the case, king charles definitely has his work cut out for him, following an act like Queen Elizabeth the III, may she rest in peace.

Kansas – The place where a kid can be a criminal.
Patricia Halsted is still in shock about what happened in her own front yard
Sunday.”They were standing up here holding onto this pole… I came over here,
and I told them to get down. This is dangerous,” said Halsted.

After asking her 7 and 9-year-old neighbor boys to get off of an electrical
box in her front yard, it all went downhill fast.

“They jumped on me, started tackling me. I was on this cement,” said Halsted.
She says the two boys attacked her, held her down and kicked her.
She says their mom just sat on the porch watching.
After several x-rays at the ER, thankfully, nothing was broken.
But it’s what happened next that her daughter Jamie Pranion says surprised
them the most.
Thanks to Kansas law, police can’t charge two young boys who beat up
the elderly Wichita woman

District Attorney Marc Bennett explains there’s a long-standing law in
Kansas that makes it illegal to charge kids under the age of 10 with a crime,
leaving police no choice but to just send them home.

“It doesn’t matter what the crime is… It’s across the board. Whatever crime
it is, if you’re under 10, you can’t be arrested for a crime, can’t be charged
with a crime in Kansas,” said Bennett.

Bennett says one of the only things you can do in a situation like this is
to file a Child In Need of Care case if you think the crimes are caused
by a lack of supervision by the parent.

The police arrested the boys’ mom, Sherelle Kinchion, Monday for unrelated
battery and assault charges.

Halsted and her daughter say their biggest hope is that these boys get help.

“Once you do reach this age, if you, you know, continue to act this way,
things are gonna go very badly for you,” said Pranion.

[I hope] that the kids get some help. And she gets some help,” said Halsted.

We also talked to Halsted’s landlord, who says they’re kicking
the family out as soon as possible. But Halsted says even then, with all
the threats the kids have made to her, she simply doesn’t feel comfortable
living here anymore.

Pranion says the family can’t immediately afford to find her mom a
new place to live, so they started a GoFundMe.

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