Kansas Town Holds Unique Connection to Royal Family

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Kansas town holds unique connection to royal family

While millions around the word remember Queen Elizabeth and the impact
and legacy she left, one story not widely known is unique slice of history
connected with a small western Kansas town. A U.S. Navy pilot from Kinsley
named Earl Spencer Jr. married, then divorced Bessie Wallis Warfield, a
woman who later went on to marry King Edward VIII. That marriage into
Britain’s royal family, Warfield’s third, came with some controversy.

“The Church of England, and tradition was you couldn’t marry a divorced
woman, especially when she had two husbands still alive,” explained librarian
Joan Weaver with the Kinsley Public Library.

Edward would abdicate the throne for Warfield and would be succeeded
by his younger brother, George the VI, Elizabeth II’s father. George died
at the age of 56 in February 1952. That’s when Elizabeth took the crown
at the age of 25.

“If it hadn’t been for the divorces, maybe Queen Elizabeth wouldn’t have
been queen,” Weaver said.

Records show Spencer, born in Kinsley in 1888, was married four times
before his death in 1950 at the age of 61. His marriage to Warfield lasted
from 1916 to 1927.

Teen’s arm severed while reportedly attempting to ‘subway surf’

A 15-year-old had to have his arm amputated after he and some friends
reportedly tried to ride on top of a New York subway car.
“I saw the police putting up the tape and the actual body on the floor,”
an eyewitness, Christian Mojica, said.

It was a tragic and horrific sight for morning commuters at the subway
station as the teen lay unconscious, in his own blood, his arm severed.

“I don’t want to see like, I didn’t want to see it,” Mojica said. “Like, it’s
not pretty. I saw face, blood and slumped over like a person slumped over
… then I just left, but it wasn’t pretty.”

The teen was taken to the hospital, where his arm had to be amputated.
He is reported to be in stable condition. His name has not yet been released.

“It’s very traumatizing, and I hope everybody there is able to come back from
it because it’s not nice,” Mojica said. “I wish the best for anyone who is related
to him or anything like that.”

Subway officials said they’re seeing an alarming increase in passengers riding
outside of the train.

So far this year, it has happened 627 times, compared to only 96 last year.

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