One Room Schoolhouse Moved Four X in 100 Years!

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Old Schoolhouse with Wheels

When we moved to the Midwest we bought a small rental house. Tucked away in the back lot was a dilapidated building I thought was just an old shed. I decided to give this old shed a face lift and went inside to check it out.

Quickly I realized this was no ordinary shed when I took a peek inside. I saw little coat hooks in the entryway, there was a tired looking blackboard towards the back of the building. Clearly this was an old schoolhouse.

Through getting to know the towns people, I found out that this little Schoolhouse wasn’t originally from Smith Center, Kansas. It started off as an elementary school in Gaylord. Then it was moved for a short period to another tiny town in the area before finally ending up in Smith Center. From there it was used as an auxiliary building for the Smith Center Elementary until someone bought it at an auction. There were not able to move the schoolhouse to their own home, however, due to power line clearance issues so set it on a plot of land adjoined to our old rental house.

For months, I would work an hour at a time peeling off old siding and sweeping clean the inside of this intriguing old building. Then a bubbly elderly lady approached me with the desire to buy and renovate the one room schoolhouse. I was more than happy to dispose of my task to more worthy hands of an experienced restorer.

The restorer (Denise) even arranged for a meeting of aged alumni now in their 80’s and 90’s to jog their memory of how the layout originally looked like to restore it to precision. They told her that the original floor plan had only 2 small side rooms, not three and what colors the walls and outside of the school was painted.

Denise promised to let us know when the school was to be moved and she kept her word. It was fascinating to see the coordination and skill required to move this institution to its new and perhaps final foundation.

Missing cat returns home, rings doorbell in New York
by Ben Hooper

A New York family’s security camera was recording when their cat,
missing for four days, returned home and rang the doorbell to be let inside.
Stefanie Whitley said her family’s 8-year-old cat, Lily failed to come home one night about two weeks after the family moved into a new house in Mastic Beach, Long Island.

“Normally she comes home, but this time felt different and I didn’t think that Lily was coming home,” Whitley told WPIX-TV.

Whitley’s fears were put to rest four days later when her Ring doorbell camera recorded Lily walking up onto the front porch and ringing the bell.

“We all gasped. We were laughing. We were emotional. We were crying. It was a great moment,” Whitley said.

Whitley said she believes Lily knew what she was doing when she rang the doorbell. “She’s a very smart cat,” Stefanie stated.

Xi Jinping leaves China for the first time in three years

Chinese President Xi Jinping is leaving China for the first time in three years
to go on a “victory tour” as he enters his third term, says The Australian’s
North Asia correspondent Will Glasgow.

Mr Jinping will be travelling to Kazakhstan and then meet with Russian
President Vladimir Putin in Uzbekistan.

Xi spent Tuesday through Friday visiting sites in the far western region
that highlight policies the US and other Western nations say amount to
genocide against the region’s Muslim minority. He called Beijing’s policy
on minorities “good and effective,” state radio reported Friday. It follows
similar trips to Hong Kong, where he praised a crackdown on the pro-democratic opposition, and the central city of Wuhan, where he reaffirmed China’s controversial zero-tolerance approach to Covid-19.

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