Horses Getting Stuck in Swamps

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A horse that broke away from its owner in Nebraska ended up requiring help from firefighters to escape from a swampy area.

The Nebraska Humane Society said four officers responded to a swampy area near Cunningham Lake in Omaha on Sunday after a horse named Dakota fled from its owner and became stuck.

Help was summoned to the scene from the Omaha Police Department and Omaha Fire Department.

Firefighters used an aerial rig, a harness and a safety rope to help pull Dakota to safety.

The horse was reunited with its owner after a rescue operation lasting for about two hours.

Firefighters, police and members of the public came together for an hours-long rescue last year when a horse named Stetson fled from his New Hampshire home and became stuck in chest-high mud.

The rescuers said they were making only inches of progress at a time, causing the rescue to last about eight hours.

The value of Britain’s pound tumbled on Monday to its lowest point against the U.S. dollar since 1985, officials said.

The pound dropped 5% early Monday to $1.0327 as bond markets continued to demand rates in return for investor cash at levels last seen in 2008.

Last week, the Bank of England voted to raise interest rates over concern that the British economy might be entering a recession during a pervasive energy crisis that’s gripping most of Europe.

The news came on the same day that the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development cut British growth forecasts, saying it believes Britain’s economy will grow slower than previously predicted this year.

The forecast was adjusted from the original 3.6% predicted growth by the end of 2022 to 3.4%, based on “declining real incomes and disruptions in energy markets,” the organization said, according to The Guardian.

The OECD said it believes the British economy will be flat in 2023.

“The poor situation in the U.K. exacerbates support for the USD, (which) can track higher again this week,” said Joseph Capurso, head of international economics at Commonwealth Bank of Australia, according to Sky News.

“If a sense of crisis about the world economy were to emerge, the USD could jump significantly.”

The euro took a step back on Monday as well, falling to a 20-year low against the U.S. dollar as concerns continued to grow over a global recession.

Earlier this month, an analysis by the Washington, D.C.-based Word Bank said rising interest rates and various market conditions around the world could lead to a global recession next year.

The organization said policy actions amid a string of financial crises in emerging markets and developing economies, along with central banks hiking interest rates to control inflation, could make the difference between a recession and no recession.

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